Monday, April 6, 2015

Frequency S3 ep 1-6 UP

I have been so slack in posting.

Let me just say that i have been posting episodes just not keeping up with it here.
We have been gearing up for a fundraiser at a local venue.

Frequency S3 EP 01

Season 3 EP1 picks up with Deanna and Claire are on a quest to save the world only to be interrupted. Now the "Switzerland" of Durham holds answers and surprises.

Season 3 EP2 "She'll Come Back Around In No Time" starts after Claire storms out of "SWITZERLAND." She runs across something that makes her say "HMMMMMM." Deanna and Karen have a D&M. 

Frequency S3 EP 03 "She Will Come Back Around In No Time pt2" We join Deanna and Karen as they consider a PROBLEM. Deanna and Claire get sweaty.

Frequency S3 EP 04 "She's Not Here" has Deanna working a puzzle; Claire wondering about the future; Jackie picking up the pieces.

Music by Fields of Mars "In Between"

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