Saturday, August 23, 2014

NCGLFF Frequency audience

Thanks for your interest in the planet's best sci fi lesbian web series/Feature film.

We have taken the month of July and part of August to re-cut the web series into a cohesive 96 minute feature film.
This round the clock effort screens at North Carolina's Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Aug 23 & Aug 24.

We are pleased to be able to screen this in the city that supported us in production, Durham.
We are inspired by its talent and in awe of its generosity. Thank you Durham and Thanks to the audience buying tickets at NCGLFF.

We know the feature gives spoilers to the web series. I think you can handle it.
We also know that the web series has tons more sub-plots, characters and action than the 96 minute  feature film.

Please enjoy the web series after watching the feature.
We thank you for your interest and love that you want more.
KV Works
pk & mv

We will post pictures as soon.

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